DIY- Old Dresser/New Bookcase Upcycle Project

I don’t know about you but I hate seeing a good piece of furniture go to waste. Yeah it may be beat up a bit, scratched and dinged but with a little creativity it can be great again. Breathing new life into an old piece of furniture is quite rewarding. I love upcycling! You could say I’m even addicted to it. I look at everything for the potential it has. 

Like this old dresser that’s been in the garage waiting for it’s new lease on life. 

It was quite abused when I brought it home but I could see beauty in its future. The drawers were falling and it had stickers all over it. The first step was a good cleaning and to strip out the broken drawers. The bottom two drawers weren’t too bad so I decided to fix and keep those. 

The next step was to line the top half with new wood shelves. I used pallet type wood that I have laying around in excess from my previous job that let me bring home scrap wood. 

This dresser was not solid wood so I needed to paint it to cover the scratches and years of abuse left on its surface. I had just finished painting my kitchen cabinets and decided to use the same paint to tie the look into our dining area where this bookcase will live. I used Benjamin Moore’s Whale Grey on the outside and decided to paint the inside of the shelves white for that bright contrast. 

The Whale Grey covered well with just one coat but as you can see the raw wood of the shelves really absorbed the white and needed a second coat. 

The drawer pulls were originally bronze but I was looking for a more dramatic look so I painted them glossy black.

I love the look of rustic and handmade and am really pleased with how this piece came out. Our whole house is in the process of being remodeled and I cannot wait to see how this bookcase will look when the wall behind it is painted!

Check back often for more DIY and upcycling projects as we completely remodel or 1950’s home.

Have a question, comment or topic you’d like to discuss? Leave a comment below or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “DIY- Old Dresser/New Bookcase Upcycle Project”

    1. Thank you! This was definitely a fun project and the best part is getting a “new” piece of furniture from something that was once thrown away. 😊

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