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DIY Dining Table 

It’s time for the trash! After years of abuse and years of coloring and painting on it…it’s time for the dining table to go! It’s served its purpose and overall held up well for a very inexpensive set.

Now that I’ve decided to throw it out, it’s time to decide what to replace it with. I’m frugal, maybe even a bit cheap 😉 so I knew I wanted to build a new table set myself with supplies I already had around the house. But, how? And with what? I tend to hang on to anything that may have future potential so out to the garage I went. The creative bug caught me when I saw the old headboard posts and old workbench top. They were perfect!

I only have a small space for a dining area that I’ve dedicated in my living room/great room so the size needed to be comparable to what the old table was. Just big enough to fit our small family.

I started with changing out the table top first to be sure it would stand up to the daily use and to give me time to design and plan the base.

The boards were cut using a circular saw and assembled with 1 1/4in. wood screws. I then lightly sanded it to get rid of sharp edges but not too much because I wanted to keep the rustic look. Using my leftover Benjamin Moore Whale Grey paint and a bit of white paint, I applied a dry brush finish. I also had some clear poly so a few coats of that went on too. I removed the old table top from the metal leg frame and attached the new top. Voilà! I loved the look! Rustic, warn, and loved! But, the metal legs were not what I wanted to keep forever. This was just a temporary table.

The base

I had saved an old headboard from the trash a while back. It was huge (nearly 5ft tall) and pretty gaudy but at the same time I liked the character of the posts and thought there was surely something I could make with them. At the time I didn’t know a table base was in their future.

Cutting them down to usable size was the first step. Using a hacksaw, the top ball and heavy base were cut off. It just so happened that by cutting those off it was the perfect height for a table base. It’s like it was meant to be. 🙂 They were then sanded and distressed. First was a light coat of white spray paint to give an even surface. I mixed up some black acrylic craft paint and water stain and brushed it on over the spray paint pretty heavy. I wiped off the excess with a dry rag leaving a grey distressed look. After the stain dried a bit, I sprayed on a thicker coat of white spray paint.

Since the new table legs were once a headboard they already had notches in each of them where they were connected. I found a board that would fit in the notches to use as a stabilizer. I applied the same dry brush as the table top and used wood glue to secure it in place.

For more stability I used the same boards as the table top as feet. Again applying the same dry brush technique to match the top.

I drilled a pilot hole in the feet at the center to attach the legs. I found a scrap piece of wood to attach the legs together and the base was complete.

After attaching the table top to the base I applied 3 coats of clear poly to seal the legs and feet and give them the same finish as the top.

The new table is done. I am so happy with the final look of this table. Rustic and handmade. It’s perfectly flawed and fits in well with our upcycled rustic and handmade decor.

Now to build the benches to match… 😉

As always… If you have any questions, comments or topics you’d like to discuss either leave a comment below or feel free to send a message. I’d love to hear from you!


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