Comfort Food Sunday – Fried Mush

It's comfort food Sunday!  This is one of my favorite foods from when I was a child. Simple and delicious!  Fried Mush Ingredients: 1 cup cornmeal 3 3/4 cups water, divided 1/2 tsp salt Directions: Bring 2 3/4 cups of water to boiling. Mix cornmeal, salt and remaining 1 cup of water. When water comes… Continue reading Comfort Food Sunday – Fried Mush

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Picky Eater Chronicles – Hidden Veggie Muffins

I know I've said it before, I may have the pickiest eaters ever. Getting anything healthy into my kids is a real struggle. I have resorted to hiding vegetables in foods that my kids think are deserts or treats. Their favorites are muffins. So today I thought I would share a great hidden veggie muffin… Continue reading Picky Eater Chronicles – Hidden Veggie Muffins

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The Journey of a Newbie Gardener (update)

The kids and I are getting so excited! Our seedlings are taking off and growing so fast. Since our first seedlings were doing well we decided to start even more. This round of seeds included flowers and a few more veggies. Within just a few days we already had some growth! Spring is definitely here.… Continue reading The Journey of a Newbie Gardener (update)

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Mommy Doesn’t Feel Well- Parenting While Chronically Ill 

"I'm sorry, Mommy doesn't feel well. I can't right now" Being a parent is tough. Being a parent with a chronic illness sometimes feels impossible. Finding balance between caring for children and caring for yourself is like walking a tight rope above a pit of hungry alligators. It can be done but it definitely isn't… Continue reading Mommy Doesn’t Feel Well- Parenting While Chronically Ill 

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DIY Dining Table 

It's time for the trash! After years of abuse and years of coloring and painting on's time for the dining table to go! It's served its purpose and overall held up well for a very inexpensive set. Now that I've decided to throw it out, it's time to decide what to replace it with.… Continue reading DIY Dining Table